How To Clean And Care For An Inground Pool

Most people want a pool for several reasons, including the ability to swim whenever they want, a way to make and hang out with friends, and to add to the appeal of their home. Most people get an inground pool installation atlanta especially due to the heat.

Caring for an inground pool often requires several monthly, weekly, and daily tasks to ensure it is clean and safe for swimming year round. It is a lot of work but can be rewarding if you want to take a dip after a long day.

Be sure to check PH and chlorine levels twice a week or more. Safe PH levels include 7.4-7.6 and safe chorine levels are 1.0 to 3.0 parts per million. Water should be tested after swimmers leave the pool and after any weather event, and then you can add products if the numbers are not correct for your pool.

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The pool should be cleaned once a week, and be sure empty the skimmer batches, use a net to clear the surface of the water of leaves and other debris, and pick up any debris at the bottom of the pool.

Another tip is to run the filtration system as often as you can to keep the water moving and cleaning itself to avoid problems with dust, bacteria and other containments. Adding a generous amount of chlorine can also shock the pool and kill any bacteria, but be sure to avoid swimming for at least a day afterward.

While having a pool and keeping it maintained is a lot of work, the effort is often rewarded by having a clean and safe place to gather, cool off, and have fun during the summer. Surely happy days and evenings in the pool are worth a little hard work.